storefrontDelvinos Grill

Delvino's Grill and Pasta House was opened in the Spring of 2010 with the intention of creating a first class dining experience. Set in the heart of downtown Belfast, the building was previously the site of a local hardware store (left). Delvino's embraces a classic style with a modern twist, promoting an eclectic variety of apps and entrees that are sure to stimulate the senses.

Belfast Maine Produce

Specials of the day often reflect what can be locally-sourced. Chefs employ regional flavors and rely heavily on local produce, especially during the summer months. Delvino's utilizes these flavors as well as the freshest seafood from the area to create unique and savory dishes, homemade soups, salads and pasta.

Anthony Jacovino Tina Delsanto

Anthony Jacovino and Tina Delsanto are owners/operators of Delvino's Grill. They have lived in Belfast, Maine for many years, and have a passion for good food and lively camaraderie.